Rita Alapi

Rita Alapi DART Talent and Executive Search TeamRita Alapi is very approachable and keen, with great interpersonal skills. For the past several years she gained experience at different executive search firms across various sectors such as Financial and Professional Services, Business Process Outsourcing and Healthcare.

At DART she is responsible for ensuring a smooth research process; from understanding our clients’ needs through identifying the best fitting candidates until finding the successful final candidate. She is passionate about contributing to our clients’ success by matching them with best-in class talents. She strongly believes any company’s goals could be achieved by personal qualities, the right candidate for a client is proposed based on a person’s inner self, taking into account the potential impact.

When she is not working on her mandates, Rita enjoys being outside in the nature on a hiking trip, doing yoga or exploring exciting programs in the city, for example an art exhibition that could be good enough to have her imaginations wholly drawn.

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