Sales, Trading and Advisory

Sales: The act of selling an attractive investment product to an institutional client or investor, or advising them on their investment strategy, as well as advising on a suite of available products from which they can realise certain investment strategies or opportunities. [In our own words…]

The Sales, Trading & Advisory team is the forefront of the asset manager, where the responsibility for asset gathering and revenues is carried most intently. Senior hires in this space can tip the needle when it comes to a business’ profitability and more junior hires can be honed into ambassadors for a company’s excellence. Skills in communication, investments and leadership are key. This is an area in which we have concluded many successful searches.

Careers we cover:

– Head of Sales / Head of Asset Management

– Senior Asset Management

– Investment Specialist / Client Portfolio Manager

– Investment Advisor / Investment Consultant

DART Consultants specialising in these career opportunities:

Hana Skreta, Daniel Aghdami