Liisa Unenge

Liisa is an eager and motivated multi-enthusiast from Sweden. Having grown up in the archipelago of Stockholm Liisa has a natural drawn to the great outdoors and nature. Moreover, coming from the cold north Liisa is naturally resilient and is instinctively looking for the bright and sunny side of things.

With a background in marketing and communications, she has a passion for the way people interact. Because of this passion, she recently started exploring the executive search world. During her time within the industry, Liisa has gained a broad sense of experience by handling cross-sector searches within information & technology, industrial, financial services, and automotive industry fields, focusing on the C-suite. At DART Liisa conducts the research part of the searches and assists the consultants throughout the execution of each search process.

When Liisa is not conducting research at DART you will find her hiking in the surroundings of her new home in Barcelona, accompanied by her two dogs, or in the kitchen cooking up a vegetarian storm.

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