Hana Skreta

Hana Skreta DART Talent and Executive SearchUpon meeting Hana Skreta, clients and candidates alike quickly realise they are dealing with a professional project manager who is relentless yet charming in her pursuit of a successful outcome. Hana has more than 15 years’ experience in banking and professional service, covering the introduction of new financial products and delivery of strategic projects and communications across Central Europe.

Hana is accustomed to working in international environments and relishes those cross-border complexities others shy away from. She is quality-driven and client-oriented, always making sure to deliver what she has committed to. Hana is a networker by nature and her great joy is to connect people, which is the main reason she joined DART (the other two being the dog-friendly office and free Coca-Cola).

Hana’s expertise lies in Wealth-, Investment- and Project Management mandates.

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