Get yourself found by Headhunters!

A high number of senior openings are not advertised on the job market in the first place. Funnily enough, that can actually come at the end of the process. That is where being in touch with seasoned headhunters comes into the picture. Our role is help you have access to high level roles before a lot of people are aware of them – and apply.

Being found by Headhunters

If you don’t have any good headhunters in your network yet, here are a couple of ways that will help you stand out from your peers. In the last few years new ways of finding good candidates have arisen in addition to the ones used so far. The main one is obviously social media.

Here are some key points to help you be noticed as a prime candidate:

Social media

Platforms such as LinkedIn, Viadeo or Xing help recruiters to get in touch with candidates directly. The recruiter usually receives a clear mandate from his/her client to find a candidate with specific skills that can best fit with the new current or soon-to-be opening. The recruiter would first look in his/her existing pool of candidates. However, if not finding the right skills, social media will be used to leverage his/her search and get new candidates, more in line with the requirements. That is where your use of social media comes into place: in your profile the following things should be mentioned – your company, exact role, title and key responsibilities.

Conferences & Press

We would always pay attention to speakers at conferences linked to our area of expertise and, most of the time, try to attend. Even if you are not acting as a speaker be there if relevant to your field as it is a good way to be noticed anyways. Try to be visible, prepare questions related to the topic a little bit in advance, be prepared. That is a good way to show professionals that you are not there to network only but have a real expertise in your field and also good communication skills, which is highly appreciated nowadays.

Lastly, but not least, if you are asked to write an article for the press (local or international), don’t miss this opportunity to be noticed here. Write & get read – this is free advertisement for YOURSELF!

Open & informal discussions

You shouldn’t wait until you are actively looking for a new job to talk to us. It can already be too late. Be open to have a chat with us on a more general basis and as an initial conversation. This way, we get to know you and your background, but also your expectations towards your next career step a little bit in advance. Once a client reach out to us with a specific – and usually urgent ! – need, we would already have you in mind and don’t lose time in trying to reach you to get to know more about you as we already know the key information. This is usually how most of the great opportunities start! Best of luck!

Author: Leila Ricci

Leila joined DART in 2013 as Senior Consultant. Leila’s key areas of expertise include Asset Management functions and Investment Management roles. She has a very good knowledge of the Suisse Romande region. You can reach the team on +41 44 215 10 80 or through the ‘contact us’ page.